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Self Identification

Every student has the opportunity to voluntarily self-identify with the University as having a disability or medical condition that may impact access to the programs and activities of the University. Self-identification may be in person, through the submission of documentation or a current impact statement or the completion of the Self-ID form available on this website. Self-Identification is also available on-line through New Student Orientation, to graduate/professional students through individual departments or schools, and to part-time students through Continuing Studies and Summer School.

Note: Identifying oneself as having a disability, to an individual professor, school, or department other than Accessibility Resources, IS NOT considered an official notification to the University.

If you have a disability/chronic medical condition, we encourage you to complete this form.  The form will be emailed to the Office of Accessibility Resources & Services. Upon receipt of this form, in most instances we will request that you provide documentation from your primary care physician or other professional care provider about the current functional limitation(s) your medical condition imposes on you while you are enrolled at UNC Chapel Hill. This documentation will be held in confidence.

Self Identification Form
Examples: Business, Nursing, Law, etc.