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Self Identification Form and Documentation Upload

If you have any questions or concerns about the Registration process please refer to the policies listed below or contact us Tel. 919 962 8300 / Email

  • This form is for use by incoming or current students who have a diagnosed disability.

  • Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively. 

  • In order for ARS to consider requests for reasonable accommodations including academic, housing and dining accommodations, students must submit the documentation discussed within this section of the Policy to ARS at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course or the exam for which the student seeks accommodations. Please note, returning students with agreed accommodations do not need to submit a Self-ID form for accommodations for any subsequent semesters.

  • Similarly, applicants needing accommodations for a selection process or event for admission to an academic program at the University must submit the documentation discussed within this section of the Policy to ARS at least 14 calendar days prior to the need for accommodations.

  • Under certain circumstances ARS may be able to identify provisional accommodations pending receipt of further supportive information and documentation; upon receipt of such ARS will make a final determination

  • Students seeking accommodations in relation to an assistantship or paid position are advised that such a determination is made by the Equal Opportunities and Compliance office Tel. 919.966.3576 / Email

Relevant policy documents:

Please note, this form is to be completed by the applicant or student who is seeking accommodations:

* Please note - verifiable documentation (on a letter head with contact information) from an appropriate third-party (i.e. a treating medical provider or evaluator and including any professional and/or state registration or licensing credentials) should be submitted to support the accommodation(s) request. Click 'Choose file', browse to the documentation file you wish to attach, select it AND then click 'Upload'. You are welcome to submit additional documentation if it adds to the Accommodations and Modifications Committee's understanding of your accommodation needs. The submission of this Self-ID form without documentation or without a thorough response to all parts of this form will slow down the accommodation determination process, unless you are already registered with ARS and are requesting the Accommodations and Modifications Committee to consider additional or alternative accommodations.
This is your unique ID number on your One Card and consists of 9 digits - leave blank if a PID has not been assigned
Examples: Business, Nursing, Law, etc.
Please use this box to tell us how the diagnosed disability / medical condition described is impacting you or will impact you at UNC - CH.. Please consider skills such as reading, writing, paying attention, mathematics, etc., describe (be specific) the current (or recent) impact of your disability / medical condition in both of the following areas: a. In Class - lectures, labs, test-taking, presentations, group-work, etc. b. Out of Class - private study, time management, homework, daily living and accommodation / residence needs, getting around etc.
Please use this box to tell us about Accommodations / Resources / Services you think you will need and how these will address the issues you have identified above.
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that: (1) only I, the student or applicant, have filled out this form; (2) this application will not be processed until pertinent documentation of disability has also been provided; (3) the Accommodations and Modifications Committee will consider the accommodations as requested on this form; (4) I authorize the Accommodations and Modifications Committee and individuals providing information in my disability-related documentation to consult as part of the review process; (5) accommodations, if rendered, may not be the same as those I received in high school or at another institution, and will not apply retroactively; (6) the accommodation determination process will take up to 14 days; (7) deadlines are applicable after which accommodation requests in relation to Final examinations cannot be processed - the deadline applicable to Spring 2017 is Friday April 7th (on-line scheduling closes Friday April 21st)