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Campus Parking

Applications for parking and transportation for students with disabilities are available at the Public Safety Building on Manning Drive. Disability applications can also be faxed or mailed by calling The Department of Public Safety at (919)-962-3951. Please state that you are requesting a disability application and leave your name, voice and fax number, and address in the message.

You may also request an application by emailing the Department of Public Safety to Please be sure to provide an address.

The application can also be downloaded from .

Parking privileges are based on justification in the application completed and signed by a licensed physician (a physician unrelated to the applicant). The application will be reviewed at a monthly meeting of the University Disability Advisory Committee (representatives from Employee and Accessibility Resources, Student Health Services, and Parking Services). The applicant should also complete the Authorization for Release of Confidential Information form. Signing this form gives permission to a DPS designee to request additional information from the physician noted on your application if needed. Upon receipt of the application, the applicant may be issued a temporary permit valid until the board reviews the application. The application should be returned to the University / Healthcare System parking office by the week before the next meeting of the review board. For more information on disability parking, please visit the Department of Public Safety Website.

NOTE:  Mobility limitations cited on the physician's orders cannot exceed those noted as limitations affecting daily activity or job functions. The limitations cannot exceed those on file in the appropriate University/Healthcare System disability services office. Temporary disabilities (less than six months in duration) will be reviewed and considered on a space availability basis. Persons with permanent disabilities must be registered with the appropriate University/Healthcare System office:


Director, Office of Accessibility Resources & Service
CB #7214 SASB
(919) 962-8300 (Voice/TDD)

UNC Faculty / Staff

EEO / ADA Officer
CB #9160, Pettigrew Hall
(919) 966-3576

UNC Healthcare Staff

EEO/DA Officer
CB #7600, East Wing, UNC Healthcare
(919) 966-0698